Environmental monitoring, site restoration and environmental services. 

Our work varies with the specific needs of our clients, the type of project, work areas and the environmental sectors. 


We work with our client’s and their team, to implement a monitoring protocol suitable to the project outcomes.


  • Construction and Infrastructure Projects

  • Project Compliance with Regulatory Approvals

  • Quality Assurance and Conformance

  • Minimizing the Potential for Adverse Environmental Impacts

  • Collecting Samples, Advising Teams, and Environmental Mitigation

  • Erosion and Sediment Controls

  • Providing Independent Records and Timely Reports

  • Site Restoration and Post-Project Monitoring

Environmental Technician Services

  • Preparing and guiding the implementation of erosion and sediment control measures

  • Designing and conducting fish and wildlife surveys and monitoring programs

  • Fish and Amphibian salvage and inventory capture

  • Developing and executing soil and water quality sampling and monitoring programs

  • Low impact stream channel maintenance and culvert assessments

  • Invasive plant species removal

Our services include but are not limited to general environmental site planning and rehabilitation


  • Erosion and Sediment control

  • Follow-up maintenance of sites

  • Knowledge of Provincial and Federal Legislation and guidelines for riparian areas

  • Pesticide Applicators License

  • Fish habitat assessments

  • Wildlife surveys

  • Regulatory permitting

  • Hydroseeding

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